At Bishops Cannings Preschool we aim to provide quality provision ensuring that all children become competent learners, keen to face challenges and achieve, developing positive relationships in a fully inclusive setting. We encourage children’s physical, social, emotional, intellectual and creative development through a varied and stimulating learning environment.




In line with the EYFS and Every Child Matters we will provide a varied and stimulating curriculum designed to meet the needs of children allowing them to enjoy and achieve.

For children learn through interaction and in a positive, safe environment where they can express their opinions and ideas in an appropriate way without fear.

To recognise that positive relationships play a large part in developing emotional intelligence and collaboration plays a key role within the preschool. Not only will we encourage the children to collaborate with each other but also for all stakeholders involved in the preschool community to work together in order to produce the best possible outcomes for the children.

To be a fully inclusive practice, open to all and ensuring that all of our services are fully accessible whatever your needs. We ensure that all differences and diversities are celebrated.

To have a child-led ethos and place the child at the centre of everything that we do, daily life will be child initiated and free flow allowing children to follow and develop their own interests in an independent yet supported way.

To create opportunities for all children to become competent learners also developing the skills for meta learning, ensuring that their knowledge and skills are consolidated and they reach their full potential.

To monitor, assess and evaluate activities and experiences to focus on each child’s needs and to build on what they children already know and do.